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Re-Engineering Coal-Fired Power Plants

Re-Engineering Coal-Fired Power Plants Re-Engineering Example


500 MW B&W Opposed-Wall Fired Boiler Pulverized coal -24 Coal Burners

Remove PC Burners and Wind-Box (in green)
Brick over the Burner Ports

Re-Engineering Power Plant with CCS Technology image

Re-Engineered Power Plant with CCS Technology:

  • Reroute Flue Gas to Pulverizers, Add Pulverized Coal/Sweep Gas Bag house, Duct sweep gas around boiler to flue gas exit
  • Replace PC Burners & wind-box with 24 new CCS Burners & 6 new Gasification Chambers with bottom ash disposal system
  • Add new ducting and OFA ports to boiler furnace- Convey me-

Existing Coal-Fired Power Plant chart

Levelized Cost of Electricity for Existing Generation chart

Re-Engineering CCS-Stoker® Steam Generators Re-Engineering CCS-Stoker® Steam Generators

CCS-Stoker® Re-Engineering
(30 MWM 5 T/h Coal)

  • Stoker Feeders
  • Ash Hopper
  • Control Panel

New Equipment:

  • CCS Burner
  • Gasification Chamber
  • Combustion Air Heater
  • Boiler Instruments
  • Coal Mill, Bag house, FD fan, BM & Combustion System
  • HMI & PLC Controls
  • New/Update MCC Panel

Installation & Construction:

  • Replace stoker feeders with new CCS Burner and gasification chamber
  • Add over-fire air ports and ducting and combustion air pre-heater
  • Add coal pulverizer and coal-air separation bag house, Provide powdered limestone metered with the coal
  • Brick over furnace bottom, provide bottom ash removal system
  • Update instrumentation, add HMI and CCS Burner management, & Safety Control System

Operation (one operator/shift):

  • Was manually operated
  • Now from HMI panel - from cold start to automatic full load operation in 5 hrs.

Re-Engineering CCS-Tangential® Power Boilers Re-Engineering CCS-Tangential® Power Boilers

Tangential Power Boiler

100-300 MW

TPC Corner Fired Burners w/SOFA

CCS-Tangential® Re-Engineering

  • Remove PC Corner Burners

  • Rework Wind-Box & SOFA for OFA

  • Add New CCS Burners and Gasification Chambers to opposite walls

  • Add limestone feed to coal preparation system

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